Coastal Christian

Welcome, new believer!

Congratulations from Pastor Matt and all of us at Coastal Christian! Accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior is the most significant decision you will ever make.

We would be honored to assist you as you pursue Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6). We invite you to get plugged into our local church as you begin your walk with Christ.


Your New Faith

Now that you have decided to trust Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, Baptism is the next step in your lifelong journey of faith.

Jesus was baptized (Luke 3: 1-22), and the Bible commands us to follow His example (Acts 2:41). 

Baptism is a public announcement of your new faith in Jesus Christ. It is an outward display of your heartfelt commitment to serve and obey the One and Only, True and Living God. (Jeremiah 10 :10, 1 Timothy 2:5-6


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Steps for Growing in Faith

  1. Read the Bible
    The Bible is the inspired Word of God. It is the supreme authority for our beliefs and actions as followers of Jesus Christ. While there are different translations available, we suggest you choose a version that is easy to understand and faithful to the original text, the NLT (New Living Translation) or ESV (English Standard Version) are two good choices.  The gospel of John is a great place to start. The book of John shares Jesus’ teachings and life here on earth. Reading the Bible is an excellent way to commune with God. Many new believers enjoy reading a verse in Proverbs daily as they learn to walk as a believer.  “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the Word of truth.”  (2 Timothy 2:15).
  2. Pray
    Prayer is simply talking with God. Many believe prayer must include a formal set of words that can only take place during a church service. However, the Bible teaches us to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17). If we desire to know God more deeply, we must communicate with Him regularly. Just like a good earthly father, He wants to hear from you! Tell him about your day and thank him for all the blessings that you have. Share your hopes, fears and desires and ask him to help guide you in every aspect of your life so that it may be a testament to his glory.
  3. Build friendships with other Believers
    Jesus invested in 12 disciples, and we are encouraged to invest in one another as we seek to grow in our faith. The New Testament has over 50 verses that refer to loving one another, serving one another, encouraging one another, and praying for one another.he Christian life is designed to be enjoyed with others. Jesus invested much of His ministry with 12 disciples as His closest friends. He likewise calls us to live in community with one another. The New Testament has over 50 "one another" verses that refer to loving one another, serving one another, encouraging one another, and praying for one another.  Walking with Christ is easier and more enjoyable when we learn and grow together. We invite you to join a Connect Group or volunteer to be a part of the Dream Team here at Coastal. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”