Coastal Christian


We believe the great commission of sharing the Gospel is the command of Christ, so it is the heart cry of Coastal.

In Matthew 28, Jesus commands His disciples to go and reach to the corners of the earth in order to spread His gospel.  We are committed to devoting time and resources toward extending beyond our local borders of ministry.  We support and encourage those who want to take this step of faith and bring Jesus' Good News across the street, as well as, across the sea! 
We are always looking and praying in regards to how to provide an opportunity for believers to venture into all the world with the work & Words of the gospel.

That being said, many of us grew up in churches that were proud to support a multitude of missionaries, when really the many may only have been receiving a small amount.
The new Coastal has a philosophy of ministry regarding missions that is unique.  Along with the needed financial assistance, we focus on having a consistent, deep relationship with the missionaries we support.  That may limit the number of missionaries we connect to our fellowship.  At the same time, we are deeply invested in their ministries. 


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Shelby Scott
We are also proud to partner with Shelby Scott.

In September of 2022, Shelby Scott joined a global missions organization called Youth With A Mission (YWAM), to receive training on knowing God's heart, and sharing the Gospel. YWAM, Tyler is where she...  


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Pastor Bill Devlin
A friend of Pastor Matt for the last 21 years, we are proud to partner with Pastor Bill Devlin.   

International humanitarian and missionary, Pastor Bill Devlin, a/k/a "PB" is the volunteer CEO of two non-profits, and REDEEM!  PB's calling is to take the Gospel of our Lord Jesus to the War Zones of the world...